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london-1100389_1280Back to business after an earth-shattering decision

The world feels like quite a dfferent place after the result of the Referendum.  But the decision is made and while the policiticians get on with sorting out our political and international future, for most of us it’s back to work like any other Monday morning.

But with an uncertain future, the government needs its tax revenues more than ever.

We might leave the EU, but we’ll be keeping VAT.


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VATWoman's Guide to VAT and residential property development

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How to save money and manage the process

VAT on management charges, cost sharing, intercompany services and more...

VATWoman’s Guide to management charges, cost-sharing, inter-company services and more……




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Each week, I’ll answer a question – free of charge – and post the reply (on a no-names basis) here on the website.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s “easy” or “difficult” – either way, I’ll explain the main principles and tell you where to look for more information.

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This week's technical issue

I’ll be discussing some of the most important technical issues in this section.

This time, I’ve explained the difference between the zero-rate, exempt, exempt with credit and why it matters so much.