If you’re buying a commercial property to convert to residential use and the vendor has opted to tax, check out my article about the VAT1614D procedure and the FAQs



Revenue & Customs Brief 15 (2016) http://tinyurl.com/j6hgfvj New rule closes VAT saving for non-EC insurers from 1 Oct 2016: UK vehicle repairs for insurance claims liable to UK VAT even if insurer belongs outside the EC.
Watch out for my new book “VAT for DIY builders” coming soon!

How to deal with VAT and save money on self-builds, renovations and conversions

When trivial matters can ruin a perfectly decent Tribunal decision: See my recent blog about VAT on company cars

VAT for DIY property developers

How to save VAT on costs if you’re building, converting or renovating your own property

Watch out for our new book coming soon! 

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VATWoman's Guide to VAT and residential property development

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How to save money and manage the process

VAT on management charges, cost sharing, intercompany services and more...

VATWoman’s Guide to management charges, cost-sharing, inter-company services and more……




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This week's technical issue

I’ll be discussing some of the most important technical issues in this section.

This time, I’ve explained the difference between the zero-rate, exempt, exempt with credit and why it matters so much.