How to save VAT, maximize profits and manage the VAT process on residential property development 

For new and experienced developers, contractors and professional advisers

The ebook is all about the practical side of VAT and residential property development for businesses, with advice and information whether you run your own development business, you’re a contractor, or if you’re planning your first project to sell or lease.  It will help you to understand the VAT issues and work out the VAT cost of your property by following my unique 3 step process.

For just £19, it explains the 3 step process for calculating the VAT cost of any residential property development; from paying the right amount of VAT on your costs and how much you can claim from HMRC.

This book has been written specially FOR business developers and contractors covering all of the important issues – including the perennial problem of vanity units!  Understanding how the VAT rules work will help you to budget properly in advance so you can focus on other issues.  It will help you to keep your VAT costs down, identify potential VAT issues and deal with queries from HMRC and also what to do when things don’t go to plan.

And there has never been a more important time for developers and contractors to understand VAT.

HMRC are considering significant changes to VAT on construction services, where the DEVELOPER would pay VAT on construction services instead of the contractor.

This proposal is still in the very early stages of development and consultation, but I’ll explain the main proposal to help you appreciate the potential implications and how they could affect your business.

Now, more than ever, property developers and contractors need to understand the VAT rules, whether you’re an experienced developer or you’re planning your first development.  

To buy your copy, simply click the “buy now” button below and follow the link through the Paypal process.

We’ll also be publishing the print version on Amazon in the next few weeks.

Sales price £19 includes VAT @ 20%.  VAT Exchange Limited: VAT registration number: 998 3757 36.

Please email me if you require a VAT invoice.

Once you’ve made payment, you should be immediately redirected to the download page for the book.  Please email if this doesn’t happen or you have any other problems.

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